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Gambling, family issues, more: Goodwin tells all

"I knew some of the things he was talking about – we'd spoken about them before – but others I didn't," Demons forward Jake Melksham told  "For him to open up like that shows a fair bit of courage, but also shows just how much he trusts the group, and so many players benefit from that. "There's been a lot of other coaches and players who have got up and spoken similarly to the group. Most of us did it."  At Melbourne, they've become known as 'growth sessions', much like reigning premier Richmond's HHH (hardship, highlight, hero) gatherings . These types of honesty sessions are becoming increasingly popular in overseas codes, and Goodwin went on a sports-related study tour in the United States in the off-season.  The Demons dabbled in this area last season, but not to the extent they have this campaign, kick-started by Goodwin and run by former AFL footballer Jim Plunkett. Plunkett previously worked for Leading Teams and joined Melbourne's cause in November 2016, as general manager of people and culture, and even sits on the bench on game days.  The growth sessions involve between one and three players or coaches standing in front of the group and speaking for about 10 minutes each on various topics, and all designed to forge deeper relationships.  They might discuss their fears, their vulnerabilities, their dreams or what they love.

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SLED, police confiscate gambling machines at N. Charleston VFW

SLED, police confiscate gambling machines at N. Charleston VFW VIDEO: Authorities confiscate gambling machines at VFW By Ray Rivera | September 20, 2018 at 5:44 PM EST - Updated September 20 at 7:52 PM CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police and SLED agents confiscated gambling machines at a VFW in North Charleston. It happened on 4257 Spruill Ave. on Tuesday. According to authorities, investigators seized three machines. SLED officials say machines were also seized at that location back in March. Copyright 2018 WCSC. All rights reserved.

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