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The Crazy Tale Of A U.S. Senator Who Sued After Chasing Poker Losses

Being viewed as a skilled player back then was sometimes paramount. It apparently was shameful to be thought of as a mark at the card table. It would mean you’re a fish in the political arena too. Playing poker was considered an act of performing “practical statesmanship.” Tabor was considered to be an expert poker player, so when he was “steadily losing ground” in the game against Bush and it became apparent that his odds of “regaining his position in this game were constantly growing slimmer and beautifully less,” Tabor asked his friend for a favor. While on the ropes, the senator wanted Bush to continue playing him until he at least got even. Tabor said that he needed to climb out of the hole in order to remain well-respected by the Colorado State Legislature and prevent the “waning of his reputation as a statesman.” Bush committed to keep playing. Under their under-the-table deal, Tabor would honor his losses, but if Tabor came back in the game, he would fork over half of his winnings to Bush in the form of a rebate. When the dust settled, the senator had dropped $1,250 to his buddy, which is roughly equivalent to $25,000 today. His hopes for a comeback in the game had failed.

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